Alan James Sutherland

Born in Lower Hutt on 26 October 1948
Passed away in Masterton on 27 August 2021
Aged 72 years
Much loved husband of Alison for 51 years.Beloved father of Amanda Smee, Jason Sutherland and Sloanadene Campbell.Cherished ‘Grumpy’ of Ale... Read more
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I met Grumpy over 14 years ago, when Amanda, my lovely wife and Grumpy's daughter, took me
around for a visit. I was told I could find Grumpy in the shed. I was expecting a ‘shed’ but what I
found was a giant of a man in an Aladdin’s cave of machinery, iron and bikes (the Harley and the AJS
with the ever-present oil pan). There wasn't a machine or tool predating 1970, that he didn't have
and in some cases he appeared to have three. From giant Russian lathes to the smallest of drills,
Alan knew everything about them and was willing to explain them to you. There are not many
people who saw the shed who were not surprised by the size; most especially the guys who were
roped in to helping him move the contents across the road to the smaller one at the farm. It may
have been smaller but like everything Grumpy did, it was still impressive. 

Alan taught me a lot; like centimetres are for dressmakers not engineers; that it is possible to tell
something is not level at 100 metres (an ability my wife has unfortunately inherited); it is not
possible to over engineer something, (titanium marshmallows spears really are better than steel)
and, how to raise and live with amazing, strong women (ie when to be quiet and just nod). He loved
his children and his grandchild and I took great pleasure watching my daughters faces whilst Grumpy
drove them around the farm on the back of the quad with ‘Cheapie’ on the back.

I will miss him inspecting my DIY projects; not saying much; no doubt resisting the urge to get a level
out but saying it looked OK anyway. Sharing red wine or beer with dinner at the end of a day’s work
and listening to stories about the latest ride he had been on.  Alan was a giant of a man who has left
a giant hole in our family.
Keep the shiny side up, Grumpy.
Allan Smee posted a message for Alan James Sutherland
We are so sorry to hear of the sudden loss of your beloved husband, Alan.

We know how much support Alan gave over the years to the rescue and preservation of the Arapawa Island goats. As you have said, Alan was the rock. We want to say thank you for his unwavering support for both you and the work to secure the future for this important heritage breed.

Please accept the condolences of the Rare Breeds members and National Committee, and know we are thinking of you and your family during this sad time.

Aaron La Roche - President
Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ Inc
Jo Buckner - Vice-President / Registrar lit a candle for Alan James Sutherland