(26 October 1948 - 27 August 2021)
My words at Dad's funeral
When asked what memories I hold of Dad, of course there are many but if I have to pick, for me there are two standouts. As the baby of the family, for a few years it was just me at home with...
Sloany Campbell added a tribute/eulogy
Wellington, New Zealand
  • Alison Sutherland: So beautifully stated Sloany. Your dad would have been so proud.
    • 2 years ago
Service Sheet
Robert Milne added a tribute/eulogy
Masterton, New Zealand
For Grumpy xx
Alan was an amazing grandparent. He taught me the ropes of so many different skills, he helped me to discover my interests at multiple levels just by being there and offering the opportunity. ...
Riley added a tribute/eulogy
Wellington, New Zealand