Bodie Maas

Born in Australia on 2 December 1988
Passed away on 26 May 2012
Aged 23 years
Dad, Bo & Estelle Bodie in Kakadu One of Bodie's proudest day's, giving Mum away. Little Bo Margo's birthday lunch Family celebration Honoring Bodie - Tamborine Mountain Cemetery 2nd anniversary (2014)
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Bo, it’s been 6 years and I miss you incredibly. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel the pain of losing you in my life. You were the purest soul I knew and every day I miss what you brought to my life. It’s irreplaceable..I’ve tried to burry the pain, I’ve tried to find moments of joy around me but there is always something missing from the It’s been 6 years but it hurts like yesterday. It’s been 6 years and it feels like an eternity since I’ve heard your voice or hugged you. Please stay close by my beautiful brother...I miss you. Love you x
Chaz (sister) lit a candle for Bodie Maas
Bodie, it's been the hardest 2 years of my life and I am only now starting to find my strength with your help. I'm feeling happier each day but still miss you terribly. Your navy blue blazer hangs over the back of my desk chair for comfort and gives you a presence in the room. haha! Mum and I loved covering your headstone with our garden flowers and will always make sure we have enough flower growing in the garden for you. LOVE YOU FOREVER DAD XXX
Dad lit a candle for Bodie Maas