Bret Lindsay Capper

Born in Australia on 28 December 1972
Passed away on 14 January 2016
Late of Beechboro
Aged 43 years
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Nika Mohr lit a candle for Bret Lindsay Capper
Brett first off i want everyone to know that bitch that said u pulled a fit on her she is a lieing dog. Brett would never do that like he said he would just use a knife or his fist so let's get that strait coz he was one that would never do that shit. He was a crim just like alot of us an he was one with morels. It is fucked that jail was his life but he helped a lot of young boys that came in . An showed them how respect was a important thing. Not like these days there is no one like brett to be a big brother an show the next generation how to be .he was a man strait down the line an never strayed off . He did loose the plot wen he was on it but dont we all .i lernt alot from brett an admired his ways an how he got threw his jail. He told me in his last days how much he loves his son and smiling when he would tell me. Also talked highly of his son mother. He wanted to leave his boy a hard drive of just music coz music was a big thing to him and that how he got through his jail. He was a fair man an would do his head in if someone would take the piss. I miss you brett im so sorry i never made it up to see you like i said but you no why . Mate you are free like we talked about see ya soon
Mark Richardson lit a candle for Bret Lindsay Capper
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