(30 April 1933 - 5 February 2021)
  • Tribute to Uncle Brian
    Tribute to Uncle Brian
    Uncle Brian - where do I begin? How do I share my memories of someone who has had a profound impact on my life?
    From the time when I was very young and was only beginning to understand the journey that is life – Uncle Brian was there, to help me along in my walk.
    Uncle was so many things to me. He was…
    The ‘’palagi’ who always brought his cushion to sit on at our family gatherings, while we all sat on the mats in the fale at Vaivase – that is an image will always remain imprinted in my mind.
    The ‘pommy’ that taught me that there is such a thing as ‘two milks’ in making his cup of tea – I’d like to think I was eventually able to perfect making uncle a cuppa
    The ‘perfectionist’ who always drove me crazy when he tried to adjust the color of our tv and we ended up missing the good parts of the movie that was on – trying to watch Willow behind uncle’s back while he sat with the remote fine tuning the color..oh my gosh the stories I could tell about that
    The professional that was widely known as ‘Studio Brian’ that people from around the island flocked to if they wanted to get perfect photos taken, either for a wedding, family portrait or just passport photos – A personal treat for me back then was going to TOWN which actually meant going to Studio Brian so I still remember getting dressed in my Sunday best on one of the hottest days in Samoa, to go to TOWN (ie/-Studio Brian) so uncle could take our family photos, and I remember the spontaneous photo session with Rora under the tree at Alafua, the only baby photos I have were taken by uncle Brian – and we still have those photos either proudly framed on our shelf or fondly tucked away into one of our photo albums
    The family photographer that took aaaaaaages setting up a photoshoot for the extended family – or was it the family that took aaaaaaages getting ready for his shoot. – Either way, everyone was huffing and puffing from either sweating in the sun or seething with annoyance by the time the shoot was done, and then filled with oooohs and aaaahs when the photos were developed and distributed
    The pet lover that treated the mixed up mitzis and stray dogs and cats from around the village as kings and queens – I can still remember always seeing a pot of dog food boiling on their oven every time we visited them..and from there we learnt to have the same affection for our own pets.
    The fashionista who always knew style when he saw it and heavily criticized if you weren’t wearing it right or if it wasn’t the right style for you…yes I learnt a bit about color coordination from my uncle…
    The elder that introduced us to Peace Chapel, bible studies, Sunday school, youth groups, homegroups and devotions, water baptism, salvation, being born again and having a personal relationship with God.
    My husband’s kindred spirit – when they came back this time, uncle was one of the few people that Tarx could sit for hours and talk to about the perfect shot, camera techniques and anything to do with photography
    He was those things and more…but most of all,
    He was the uncle that played the biggest part in our upbringing on mom’s side…from the good times to the bad - through the lessons learnt along the way – Uncle Brian was always there…
    And he remains with me today – as I hold back the tears and think of him fondly – he may be gone physically, but he is always here – in our photos, in the moments of Samoa’s history he captured, in my work with my husband, in my times of reflection with my mom and siblings, in my devotions with my kids…. in my personal walk with God – Uncle is here and he will always be..in my memories and in my heart.
    As you look down on us from your home in heaven, know that you are loved.
    Manuia lau malaga uncle.
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