(25 April 1922 - 1 March 2012)
  • Dear Aunty Carmel

    Lots of fond memories and fun times spent with Aunty Carmel especially when I was young. Mum and I would catch the train out to Beverley Hills and spend the day with everyone. These days were very special as there was always lots of good stories and much laughter . Aunty Carmel had a good sense of humour and could often put a spin on a not so funny situation. She was also a very generous person and I thank her for the love and care she gave to my Mum when she was first diagnosed with Alzeimers especially when Mum was having one of her bad days.It was much appreciated.

    I think of you often and smile and remember the good times. May you rest in peace

    Love Susan

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    • 10 years ago
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