Charles Abela

Born on 25 September 1927
Passed away on 4 January 2018
Aged 90 years
Botany Cemetery
Happy Birthday Charles for the 25th September. You are missed xx You are always with us.
I love you Dad.
Love Dianne ❤️
Please choose a Candle
Each night we shed a silent tear
As we speak to you in prayer,
To let you know we adore you
And just how much we cared.
Lord please take our million teardrops
And wrap them up in love,
Then allow the wind to carry them
To my beautiful Dad up above.

I miss you so much Dad and feel lost you are no longer here to see your smile, to kiss you and to hold your hand. May God bless you dearly. Love Dianne
Mrs. Dolores Abela gave a flower for Charles Abela
Dad you were my mentor, my guide and you looked after me;
There is nothing you wouldn't do and showed me the world to see
I will always remember the way you smiled and how much you really cared;
The days we spent together and the happiness we shared
When thinking of things about you that you would do or say;
Will suddenly recapture a time, an hour, a day
I miss you so much Dad and have cried a thousand tears;
I am blessed to have held you close for all those precious years
I will treasure those beautiful memories & we will never be apart;
As you will live forever locked safely in my heart

Love your second born Dianne xx
Mrs. Dolores Abela gave a flower for Charles Abela