Constantina Sioris - Khalaf

Born in Sydney, Australia on 22 November 1969
Passed away in Sydney on 3 August 2021
Aged 51 years
Constantina Sioris - KhalafBorn in Sydney, Australiaon the 22nd November, 1969to Dimitrios and Elli Sioris.At age 24 she marriedTommy Khalaf in... Read more
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Dina was a truly admirable woman and my deepest sympathy goes out to Tom and his family

Although it has been some time since I saw her, I will always cherish the times that we worked together and her influence on me. Dina was truly a warm, caring and compassionate woman with a strong sense fairness and justice. She was a strong advocate for those in need and a loyal and supportive colleague and friend. Her love for her family was always on display to those who knew her.
Far too young to be taken so early in her life as she would have still had so much to offer and to enrich the lives of others
I always have, and always will cherish my memories of Dina. Her laugh, her smile and her genuine sincerity will be missed. Thank you Dina for the opportunity to know you. You made me and everyone a better person just by being in our lives.
Rest in peace
Greg Skelly posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
I will always remember you and my first Manager when I started working at Fairfield CSC, your a humble and caring individual who will be sadly missed by those you have touched. Heaven has gained more wings and another Mother, a caring sole. Thank you for your leadership, guidance and individuality. Condolences to Tom and children. Missed but not forgotten. AKA Bob
Devitt posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
To a Beautiful Soul, A Lady with Powerful Ethics, Intelligence and Guidance. Dina - you were always and shall be known to me, as a soul full of love and loyalty to your family, your daughters and husband first and foremost. I will always be grateful for the mentorship you offered me over the past 25 years and your immense kindness even in the most difficult time of my career, you made me laugh and were always able to guide me. You remained one of few people I know, who no matter the challenge remained always true to self. A rear and extremely honourable trait. Your essence and grace is truly divine and sincerely treasured, one which will be missed tremendously. With the deepest and most loving respect - Gone too soon, but blessed to have been graced by knowing you. I pray for your husband Tom and your beautiful daughters... A mum gone too soon, a wife treasured and a friend, cousin and mentor we wish we could keep forever, but God has you now and so just keep watch over your family and those who love you and we will think of you always... With Great Admiration - "Gabs".
Gabriella Condello posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
My deepest condolences to Tom, Ellisia, Alexis and family. Dina will always be remembered and cherished in my heart. Love & Care to you, Joanna
Joanna Theodore posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
Dearest Dina,
I still can not believe you are gone. You were one of the most beautiful, kind hearted and selfless person I had ever met. You always put others before yourself and even when things were not good for you, you were more worried about everyone else and checking in to make sure all is ok. Thank you for being you. I am so blessed to have met you. I will miss your kind words, your soft approach and your pure heart.
Rest in peace, Heaven has truly gained an Angel.
Alia Nahas posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
Dear Dina,

I thought I could leave a message here that’s to you & it’s definitely something I will tell you in person one day in heaven.
I’ve struggled to find words.
I’m just sad.
I’m sad for everyone that you have left behind but I’m sad too.
I find it hard to say that because other people’s sadness is way more important than my own.
But I am sad for me too.
You are a friend that totally gets me.
You always knew what to say & you always appreciated me.
You saw me.
That’s a big thing when sometimes as the quiet one you feel unseen.
Thank you for seeing me & encouraging me & loving me for me.
I miss you.
And the Christmas will I do that without you??
You were my biggest cheerleader & support & helper!
Even when you weren’t feeling the best.
How much fun did we have in Kmart last year??
I miss you!!!

I’m so sorry for all the pain you went through.
It hurt us to know you were hurting so much.
Especially someone like you!
How’s it going seeing your mum & William?
Oh & Jesus ....whoa!!
Is He exactly how we described....& more?
I can only imagine.
It’s so cool imagining you all up there.
It’s what keeps us going down here but for now the pain of waiting is just sad.
You left your mark on this world beautiful Dina.
I love you lots!!
I’ll be telling you that again one day face to face.
We just have to hold on,as hard as that is.
Love Jo xoxo
Jo Tsangarides posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
Beautiful Dina, I cannot believe you’ve left so soon. You gave so much during your time here and you gave wholeheartedly, selflessly, completely. You never faltered in your unconditional compassion, thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards others. You were a rose amongst the thorns and your light always shone so bright through your beautiful nature and beaming smile. Thank you for being you and bringing joy to so many! I feel so blessed and I am so grateful to have known you and shared part of your journey on this earth and I look forward to the day we meet again. Until then, Καλό Παράδεισο!!
Iliana posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
Dearest Beautiful Dina
You are a true inspiration and blessing to many . In the time I have known you I was touched by your gentleness, kindness and love you shown to so many especially your family . Your beautiful smile , selflessness and softly spoken words of encouragement and building others up was always noticed.
I was blessed to see you grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ our saviour
and I know you are in peace and resting in His Heavenly arms
I will truely miss you
Penny Hatzinikolis posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
Farewell Dina. We crossed paths many times starting from our days at Uni to our times together at work. We shared lots of stories about our families. We were sometimes at odds because we followed different footy teams. I will remember you for your kind & caring soul. I pray that you are now at peace & may your memory be eternal. I would like to pass on my sympathies to all of Dina's family.
Helen Kopsaris posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf
Dina, you were such a kind, compassionate and wonderful person to be around. Always so welcoming with your beautiful smile and loved a bit of fun. I enjoyed working with you and learnt so much from you. You will be greatly missed. My sincerest condolences to your beautiful family.
Mel Gooley posted a message for Constantina Sioris - Khalaf