Born in Australia on 19 June 1958
Passed away on 22 February 2017
Aged 58 years
Photo taken by Lara in England 2007? In England 2007?
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I will miss Dale – he is an integral member of the multi-patterned fabric of our school, a part of who we are. Dale’s colourful personality and vibrant can-do attitude changed the day. One spark from Dale and any problem turned into a challenge to be solved (accompanied by various facial expressions and humour in the eyes). Many years ago he had a BirdLab license plate fashioned for us, which I treasure. Even more so now. My heart goes out to you, Wendy. We celebrate and miss Dale. He was a role model for positive values and cooperative culture in School of Biological Sciences. xxx Sonia Kleindorfer
Sonia Kleindorfer gave a flower for DALE BURZACOTT
  • Ms Wendy Hayward: Thank you Sonia. You reminded me of his expressions. My favorite was raised eyebrows eyes wide open as if surprised at all around him and alert to take in all he could!
    • 5 years ago via mobile
I didn't know Dale all that well, having only spent a couple days out field with him, when he was helping me on my Honours project, but we got on well. You'd think spending nearly two full days driving up and down dirt roads collecting samples would get tiresome, but Dale and I just seemed to click. We talked about everything from american politics, to sci-fi movies and books, to telling the dirtiest jokes. I had a great time and it made the 2 days fly by. You will be missed Dale. - Robert
Robbie O'Reilly lit a candle for DALE BURZACOTT
  • Ms Wendy Hayward: Thank you Robbie. He always saw new people as new potential friends. I know he enjoyed the time with you. Your comments are testement to how quickly and easily he could make friends.
    • 5 years ago via mobile