Born in Australia on 19 June 1958
Passed away on 22 February 2017
Aged 58 years
Photo taken by Lara in England 2007? In England 2007?
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  • Martin Davies: This was taken at my wedding on 28/51994 at Old Government House in Belair. Dale was best man and is witnessing my signature. Farewell old friend. Thanks for everything.
    • 5 years ago
I heard the sad news via Radio National's program "Off Track" today (8th April) when driving. I am still in shock. Dale was a great friend of mine during my Adelaide days from 1985-2000--and one of the first people I met when I arrived there. I visited him in Eden Hills more times than I can remember; and he visited me too: both at Chelsea and at our holiday shack at Inverloch. He stored my car at the bush block when I went overseas for a year. He was best man at my wedding. We lost contact when I moved back to Melbourne for work, and while I emailed him a few times, I am ashamed to say I never picked up the 'phone. I assumed he would be around forever -- such was his jest for life. Dale was the first person one called on to help with anything, be that fixing a car or shovelling mulch on the garden. Dale had a formidable intellect and prodigious memory. He would learn about things that interested him, and remember them with astonishing accuracy. His power of memory was intimidating on occasions. I recall during the centenary of the Titanic that he learned everything about it, including the temperature of the water upon sinking, the number of people in steerage, etc. I learned a lot about Dale's work and interests (principally number plate collecting and cars--but also a wide-range of things including antiques, politics and history) and was always very impressed with him. He was a solid friend of mine when my father died tragically, and while we lost touch, I retained a great affection for him over the years. I will miss you old friend. Thanks for all the great memories.
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