Born in Australia on 19 June 1958
Passed away on 22 February 2017
Aged 58 years
Photo taken by Lara in England 2007? In England 2007?
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So sorry and shocked to hear of Dale's passing. When my late friend Derek and I visited Dale for the last F-1 race in Adelaide, we stayed at the house. Coming up the drive Dale's headlights caught a large brown python. Both Derek and I were really apprehensive, but Dale said, "Don't worry. We've scared him. You won't see him for many days". Needless to say every morning, I would look out the door carefully before venturing to the car. Dale just laughed. And after the race, when crowds of thousands. came onto the track. Dale some 20 years younger than us quickly climbed the fence and there Derek and I were struggling to get up and over. So Dale, fit as he was, climbed back up to the top of the fence and pulled each of us to a point where we could climb the rest of the way ourselves.. Great memories. Then Dale visited my house in Oshawa, when he was on his North American tour. It was then he had a chance to meet Elizabeth and oldest daughter. He didn't wnat to impose and politely declined to stay for dinner. I will really miss him.
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Photo taken by Lara in England 2007?