Born in Australia on 19 June 1958
Passed away on 22 February 2017
Aged 58 years
Photo taken by Lara in England 2007? In England 2007?
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In England 2007?
Dale was a wonderful person, full of adventure and interesting too. I met him back in 2004 through our mutual love of the TV show, Bounty Hamster. He was a big fan of the main character, Cassie, who hired the hamster, Marion to help her find her father. In 2005 Dale came to stay with me and my family for two weeks and we went to lots of interesting places such as Exmoor and Dunster Castle. We also visited Chambercombe Manor, one of the most haunted places in the area and he enjoyed all of it. I remember he loved the special edition flavor of Jaffa Cakes we had at the time and took some back to Australia with him! Over the years we kept in touch via email and Christmas cards and he would sometimes ask us to record TV shows he couldn't get and send them to him. Likewise he did the same for us. He was such a kind and helpful soul. We will all miss him; he was taken from the world too soon. Rest in peace my friend.
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  • Ms Wendy Hayward: The beginning of the legend! It spread to the field. (Now Dr) Aaron is known as Bounty Hampster and Cassie lizards roam there to this day. I have a t-shirt that matches yours in the other photo. Thank you Lara
    • 5 years ago via mobile