Born in Australia on 19 June 1958
Passed away on 22 February 2017
Aged 58 years
Photo taken by Lara in England 2007? In England 2007?
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Mike lit a candle for DALE BURZACOTT
From Ron and Leona Clarke, owners of the field house, Bundy Bore.

Tribute to Dale - always friendly, reliable - trustworthy - energetic - attention to detail - ever helpful beyond the call of duty – a "handyman" in every sense of the word around the property - the Rural Watch personified, of Bundey Bore.

Our association with Dale began in 1998, with the purchase of "Winters", the cottage already in the hands of Flinders University. With the acquisition of Bundey Bore in 1999, it was logical to suggest Dale and the team move up the road to more comfortable accommodation.

He was most passionate about the "Bush", and the property, and we had hoped to maintain strong ties into the future.

We were delighted, when, with a little extra spring in his limp, and a twinkle in his eye, he
confided, that, in Wendy, he had found someone special with whom to share his life.
After all his care, it was most unfortunate that his fear of a property Break in, had occurred, and was witnessed, the days before his death. The Clarke family will miss the Heritage Listed Holden cruising the roadways, his surveillance, his genuine respect for the property, and cheery greetings.

Rest in Peace Dale.
Mike lit a candle for DALE BURZACOTT