(13 December 1987 - 22 September 2019)
  • My brother would be overwhelmed by the amount of people here today.
    He always considered himself to be average and not overly special in any way. We all know that is far from the truth.

    Dave was the little brother I had wanted for such a long time. I had pretty high expectations and I assure you, Dave didn't disappoint.

    He had no fear, which was great for him but not so great for his overly cautious sister and self appointed guardian. I recall jumping into water fully clothed because at 2 he decided he didn't need floaties, doubling him home on my push bike leaving a trail of blood behind us and Dave excited about the possibility of stitches. You'll notice that in most photos of us together I'm holding on to him... he wouldn't stay still long enough otherwise.

    Dave's relentless curiosity almost cost him his fingers on several occasions. Always trying to figure out how things worked. Pulling things apart and putting them back together. When you were around Dave it was like being in a never ending game of 20 questions. Mostly hypothetical and ridiculous scenarios or things that he knew the answer to... just to test your intelligence, even at 2am in the morning.

    Dave was extremely passionate about life. He needed to be the absolute best at what he loved. His first love was trains. Therefore, Mum, Dad, Dave and I spent many weekends doing train related things to keep him happy.
    From age 6, David loved the game Mortal Kombat and his amazing memory and speedy fingers meant it was not unusual for me to come home to our lounge room full of people my age and older hanging out trying to beat him. He would take me to the arcade machines in time zone to show me his name on the highest point score list.
    Then skateboarding was his thing. He won a few skateboarding competitions and I regret not watching him compete but after I watched him skate off bus shelters, roofs, stairs I decided that it was a bit too nerve wracking for me to see. Plus he laughed at me when I was looking horrified.

    Dave was extremely particular about everything. His clothes, his car and all his things had to be immaculate.
    He loved to be surrounded by nice things, he even requested flowers before his last surgery.
    Dave and I could find a song to relate to any situation. We would often break out in whatever song popped into our heads. We used music to express our feelings and also made up songs about people and things to give us a laugh.

    My brother was strength personified, both physically and mentally. His mental strength and a band aid could get him through almost any injury, amount of pain or illness. Before doctor's appointments he would just say that he really hopes that it's not more bad news. Unfortunately always seemed to be and he always took it in his stride and agreed to do anything the drs said and I honestly don't know how he did most times. We had a no tears agreement as he didn't want us to be sad.

    Dave loved his people hard. He would frequently say "I love my family." And even run through the names of his family... cousins, aunts, uncles and of course his nephew and nieces whom he adored.
    He was so very grateful for his few good mates, who have taken time out of their own lives to keep him company at all hours and get him out of the house when he was feeling down.
    He never held grudges, never said that he hated anyone and was extremely polite. I have seen him having horrible and painful medical procedures done and he would always thank the doctor or nurse for trying to help him. He always recovered from everything in record time and said that he just wanted to go home and be with his family.

    I am sure that some of the traits and stories that you will hear about my brother will be a little bit surprising. Mostly he was extremely private and shy until he was comfortable around you... then you got to see him loudly whole body laugh to the point he couldn't talk and understand how smart he actually is.

    As you probably noticed, Dave's VL is out there for him today. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw it looking so good. He was so overwhelmed by the generosity of his family, friends and complete strangers to make his dream a reality. On behalf of Dave and our family, I thank you.

    The last thing I said to him was "Thank you for being my little brother" and now I want to say thank you to our mum and dad for giving him to me.
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