(31 January 1987 - 9 January 2017)

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  • Dreading the start of every year now because we know what comes up after the first week. Miss you more with every day darling girl.
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  • Thinking of you and your beloved family on this day. Hugs to you all
    Tracey Ashley signed the Guest Book
  • Daughter, born 18mths after Jessica. It was said by staff at KGV hospital that she was the most beautiful baby on the ward. I was enormously proud. She grew up in the backyard pool and one of her skills was to be able to swim 3 laps underwater without coming up for a breathe....early hypoxic training. She was quirky, preferred playing with the boys and gave as good as she got. moving through primary school and High school (without ever winning an academic award) HSC proved her abilites
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