Georgia Grace Healy

Born in Sydney, Australia on 17 October 2003
Passed away in Sydney, Australia on 5 March 2020
Late of Lane Cove
Aged 16 years


Georgia and the A Team
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I taught Georgis quite a few times as a relief teacher and knew her and her friends from playground duty and so on. She was a delightful person, full of fun and a pleasure to be with and teach. I was so shocked by her passing. I hope her family can get some peace and love form all her friends and those who knew her.
TERRY BIGGENDEN gave a flower for Georgia Grace Healy
We were friends but not very close but not a week goes by where I don't expect you to pop around the corner of school or running around or laughing. I keep thinking of how I should have said something to you, to show you how much I care for you, but I didn't because you were smiling again, and I was so happy for you. I thought that when I sat next to you on the bench, even with the new scars, how pretty you were. I'd always thought that you were so beautiful, that yellow was such a great idea for your favourite colour because it was the same as your smile and personality. You were someone I wanted to be friends with because you always greeted me with a smile, no matter how bad or awkward or stupid or left out I felt. I'm sorry, I couldn't and didn't help, I wasn't sure how. It reminded me when we were sitting on the bench how much fanfiction I'd read which talked about the help the characters gave each other, what they said but nothing came where I was trying to say something, anything without sending you spiralling, or the others to hate me, or what even I should do. It was stupid and I know it. I also wish I had yelled louder from across the courts saying how happy I was to see you, but you never heard, I told myself that I was going to speak to you after the game, but I never did. Until only a few weeks ago, I didn't realise that my dad also felt enormous guilt that he couldn't help. He blamed himself for not coaching the team this year, and how he could have maybe helped you if he had. The day you were no longer with us has stayed so clearly in my mind, every detail. I think maybe the most prominent was that every single person in our grade of 180 cried that day. even those that hardly knew you. there were so many girls in other grades too. you had such a massive impact on everyone, I wish you could have seen it, just understood that so many people missed you and so many loved you. It was your Birthday 2 months ago. I don't know why you left, and maybe I never will, but in saying that, I just want to say that you were amazing and I'm glad I knew you. I doubt you'd remember if you were still here, but in year 7 I remember saying to you that we could both go to the Olympics. I doubt you believed me then, if the funny face you made was any indication. It's kind of strange I remember that, but I guess I just wanted to be cool like you, or be your friend. I regret not spending time with you, and like the rest of the team, I wore the bee socks without fail. The game we won after you left felt as if you were watching over us and helped us win the game, we all wore the bee socks.
I miss you so much Georgia, I doubt many people would know, but I think of you often, and wish you were here sharing it with us. I know you're up in heaven, much happier now, but just know that we all love and miss you so much here on earth. Fly high Gee
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