(8 January 1920 - 31 August 2012)
  • Marsha Conklin
    My memory of Deda.

    Even though I never lived close to Deda, I have some simple childhood memories of him when my parents and I visited Sydney, Australia. I distinctly remember the story he told me of how my dad spoke Chinese when he was little and helped him out. I can't forget him showing me his canaries, which spurred a love for birds. I recall eating fruit off his fruit trees, which I enjoyed so much. Then I stop and ponder the last time I visited him as an adult, a mother & a wife. He was able to meet my husband and my son. I was in awe of how strong he was at his age and still able to joke around. I am also so thankful to know that he loved the Lord with all his heart and that he prayed for all his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was a great man of God and he will be missed here, but one day, I will be able to talk to him again.

    Love you! :)
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    • 11 years ago
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