Born in Singapore on 12 September 1989
Passed away in Singapore on 11 July 2015
Aged 25 years
Always remembered by family and loved ones.
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Dear Uncle, Auntie, Nina and Ashvin,

I see Michael"s smile, I see him in the treks I do as I had trekked with him in Punggol. I hear his deep baritone voice. I miss his great voice where him and me will sing together. I remember his good nature and that of him inviting me to his place and being so open. I miss his friendship. I miss Michael Keshev naidu. My very first, close Christian Indian friend. I can't imagine him gone. I imagine him on a long long vacation in some faraway place that has no connection so he doesn't reply on Facebook.

It's very difficult to lose someone you're close to.

He was the one who encouraged me to discover Jesus Christ. He helped me in my studies for the non law modules. He shared with me his notes. I cared for him and he me. I laughed crazily with him n could call him up late at night n go bonkers with him. He was understanding. Caring. Thoughtful.

How many friends do we have that are like him. Few and far between.

Michael was and I believe still is just so loved by many of others. I always had have heart to heart conversations with him. No bull shit. No pretences. He shared his struggles. He opened up his life. We were real friends. So to not know how much pain he must have been going through, it's very difficult.

Michael, How do we here on earth cherish your memory?

2015 is drawing to a close n it reminds me of Michael inviting me for his Christmas party exactly one year ago. It was such a fun time where I sang n he sang too. So many hurts and so many memories.
Kenneth Lo lit a candle for MICHAEL KESHEV NAIDU
I pray that your soul has found peace and may your family stay strong. Your voice and laughter will be remembered.
Yasmine lit a candle for MICHAEL KESHEV NAIDU