(7 September 1984 - 9 June 2020)
  • "There's no crying in baseball"
    My favourite cousin, my big sister, my first best friend, my absolute Mum goals,

    Thank you for being part of my best memories (playing ninja turtles, wagging school, when you jumped in front of that picture - and as we got older, talking about marriage and navigating motherhood). Thank you for choosing me as Addie's Godmother, for being the most loving Godmother to Carter and for simply being there for me my whole life. Thank you for being the ketchup to my catsup. It is really unbelievable that you are gone and that I can't text you or I won't see you at Christmas. I'll miss our inside jokes and episodes of uncontrollable laughter. I will miss everything about you.

    Your children are the personification of everything good in you. Addie has always been her own person, so smart and funny. Connor is sweet, honest and sensitive. I plan to keep my promise to you and will love and take care of them as my own children and tell them stories of our childhood and how insanely cool you are, but most of all how fiercely you love them. I will remember you every time I look into their beautiful faces.

    Your absence will leave a deafening silence in so many lives (much like how silent the cathedral was when you knocked all the coins out of Ate Donna's hand at church offering, echoing on the wood floors for what seemed like an hour).

    Love you endlessly, favourite cousin! FC4L!
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    • 3 months ago
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