Born on 26 October 1957
Passed away in Camperdown, NSW on 15 December 2020
Late of Hurlstone Park
Aged 63 years
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6 months tomorrow, Dad. Where has the time gone? Hours have turned to days, days to weeks, and weeks into months. Will the months one day turn into years? Time keeps passing, yet I feel like it still hasn't started. How could there ever really be years between us? Entirely chapters we won't get to share. Stories that will go untold between us. So many moments we would have shared - birthdays, weekends, dinners out on the town.

And still, I feel you close to me just like always. You're sitting at the restaurant table with us, or stretched out on the couch with the dog and a movie. You're telling me about your plants, or your progress on a song. You're sharing fond memories of camping trips and Christmas dinners. I have so many snapshots of you laughing. Crystal clear moments where we are singing and dancing around the patio, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Playing guitar for Ruby and me at bedtime.

I know you'll always be here, a part of me forever. I hold so much of our past close to my heart, but I know it's the future you're excited about. Each new milestone will be shared with you, Dad. Every achievement. Every goal. Every moment. I will pull you forward in my mind and share it with you.

The dream where you hugged me still keeps me warm at night. Whenever I think of it I feel a rush of security. And I know that you are somewhere safe, where you are happy and free. Where we will meet again one day far from now, and you will recognise me instantly, despite the years. Despite those unshared stories and untold chapters. And you will hug me just like my dream once more.

No blinding light,
Or tunnels to gates of white.
Just our hands clasped so tight,
waiting for the hint of a spark.

Love you too much, Dad.
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Dad, you would be so proud of the progress I'm making with my knee!! Today, I was doing my stretches and I can almost get my leg straight, and it barely hurts to do my sit-and-stands. I can feel my muscles getting stronger again each day.

Yesterday was hard, too many messy things going on at the moment. But today I am feeling brighter and stronger, inside and out. I am also feeling so loved...
Having to let go of some control in my life and just ask for help when I need it was hard at first. But so many people have stepped up to support and cheer me on. I'm actually very lucky, having such a beautiful group of people around me. And I know you are one of them. Cheering me on and guiding each new, scary, sometimes shakey step.

Thank you, Dad, for being the constant shoulder I can lean on x
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