(2 February 1993 - 3 April 2012)

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  • Hi. So I love you. I never knew you. But you've touched me more than anyone ever has. I wish I knew you. I wish I could've met you. Sat down and talked to you. Listened to you. Help you. You were so beautiful. And so kind and selfless. You were and are a true inspiration. It hurts me so much that I'll never have a chance to know you. You are so painfully missed. Every day. I love you so much and it hurts me so so so so so so so so much that you decided it was time to go. I hope you're okay.∞
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  • I hope you are finally at peace. You were beautiful, young and smart. You fought for so long but couldn't win. All the best.
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  • Olivia I wish you hadn't felt like you needed to go. life isn't the same without you and everyday the heartache grows stronger. Thankyou for the little signs you have been sending, and thankyou for listening when I needed it the most. I miss our messages and your beautiful face, your big shiny brown eyes and your rememberable smile. the pain you felt came last to everyone else's. it seems so long ago that you was here with us. I wish things could have been so different, all I want is to see you and tell you things will be okay. I hope you got your wish. you said you had hopes that there was a heaven but even if there wasn't it was better than here. I believe, I know that you are in heaven. I hope its everything you dreamed life should have been. you wont ever leave us Liv, i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, for not being the greatest friend. you left a big hole in my heart, but an ever lasting message. the twinkling stars I know is you, your smiling but its real now, no more pain Liv, Im glad your suffering has ended. I miss you more than words can say or more than you could imagine. I will visit you very soon. please guide me and tell me what to do. I love you my darling Angel, fly free amongst the clouds, ill be watching out for you beautiful girl. love you always xoxo
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  • Miss you so much. Hope the view is just as beautiful as you are.
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  • Your history touch me so much. I live in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro and I very feel for you. I wish I could help you, but now is late. I watched to your videos with tears in eyes. You asking help and wanting helping all those who were going through the same you. You is a angel who it is beside God now. Wish you have peace of mind and rest in peace, you is fine now. I dedicate my prayers to you Olivia, go in peace little angel, go on the way in the light! <3
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  • Dear liv, I din't know you that well but you changed my life, I miss you so much you'll always be in my heart, wish you were here you were such an amazing girl :'( you'll always be my olive <3 heaven does have another angel but we will meet again in time :'( i wish you were here <3 miss you so much beautiful <3 love jaames :( Rest In Paradise beautiful <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love you so much! <3
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  • I miss you lovely girl<3 I know I never met you, but I really love and miss you. I think about you every second of the day. You are so beautiful, incredible, and an angel. I know I will meet you in heaven one day. You are missed dearly. I'm staying strong for you, only you. RIP angel <3
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  • I have just recently got out of hospital, and a few of my friends sent me liv's remorial etc.
    I spoke to live everyday nearly for a year, shes the reason I'm still alive today and it broke my heart to hear that she passed away.
    Thank you liv for everything x
    R.I.P Beautiful xxx
    Alice Thompson signed the Guest Book
  • I miss you so much Olivia. I never got the opportunity to meet you in person like I had always wanted to, but I met you on Tumblr and you were easily my best friend. You helped me through so much, and I'm trying my best to be okay for you. I'm so sorry for everything, I wish I could have helped, had been on when you were ready to do it, had been able to help in some way.. I love you. I hope you're looking down on everyone. I bet you are. Rest in peace, beautiful.
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