(2 February 1993 - 3 April 2012)
Rest in peace <3
Hi Olivia. I didn't know you personally, but I can understand what you were going through. I love you, you are missed.
Michael Jackson added a tribute/eulogy
I don't care, Denmark
Dear Liv, I did not personaly know you, but if i did i would have tried my harrdest to make things better for you. You are an inspiration to me and im sure to many others. I made a speech on...
Tanya Leanne added a tribute/eulogy
x, Australia
You left me behind
I did not know Olivia personally, but i wish i had this story has had me in tears forever because i can relate and understand this. olivia is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold and would not...
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Melbourne, Australia
Olivia Jane Penpraze <3
Rest In Peace Gorgeous
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Sydney, Australia
my friend
my name is dean, i was not lucky enough to have met olivia, but i was told all about her by my best friend dani , she was and allways will be such a beautiful girl, the photos and videos have...
dean =) added a tribute/eulogy
Rest in Peace, Beautiful Angel
Olivia,  I saw your video a few moments ago on youtube. I didn't know you personally, and what shocks me is that we live in the same suburb. I wish I could have met you, I would have done...
Jasmine added a tribute/eulogy
Olivia Jane
Dear Olivia, You were always such a lively and animated child, full of chararcter, always looking for the potential in the day to be funny, to be outrageous, to be an individual. What is so...
Christine Penpraze added a tribute/eulogy
Gippsland, , Australia
Now we’ve lost this poor, darling Angel, She was so beautiful and she had so many people that cared, But she still felt like the wasn’t worth it. Her parents have lost a...
Raven added a tribute/eulogy
A beautiful girl
I remember first meeting you, you were a beautiful baby. I loved seeing how much you had grown, you had grown into such a beautiful girl. You were my beautiful cousin and I am devastated...
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