Peter Tsenkas

Born in Agious Apostolous Laconia, Greece on 8 October 1936
Passed away in Sydney on 8 October 2021
Aged 85 years
Peter TsenkasBorn in Agious Apostolous Laconia, Greeceon the 8th October, 1936to George and Frosini Tsenkas.In 1962 he migrated to Australia.At... Read more
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Θερμά συλλυπητήρια για τον χαμό του συζύγου και πατέρα σας Παναγιώτη Τσεγκα!!
Οικ Αννεζα Κυριακού Τσεγκα posted a message for Peter Tsenkas
My uncle Peter had work ethics and family ethics that were inspirational.
Theo Drakakis posted a message for Peter Tsenkas