About Us

About Us

HeavenAddress is a respectful online community inspiring families and friends to share and create life stories. The HeavenAddress dream was established in Sydney, Australia in 2009 by founder Derek Goh after a personal experience. The realisation that a respectful site without advertising and moderation failed to exist for families wishing to create their memories online. HeavenAddress was made available to the public in 2010 and now serves families and friends all over the world.

HeavenAddress is a dedicated site where family and friends remember and pay tribute to the special people in their lives. Interacting with the site by sharing stories, posting photos and videos, lighting virtual candles and many other interactive features, HeavenAddress are creating lasting memories that will enable future generations to understand the life story of the special people in their lives.

The HeavenAddress team believe that:

  • every person is a hero to somebody
  • every life lived is unique and important
  • the sharing of memories can provide comfort to those left behind.
  • connecting with family, friends and organisations creates a community, which provides comfort, support and a sense of belonging.

HeavenAddress continue to serve families in all corners of the world in a respectful environment where memories last forever and play an integral role for the people of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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