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How do I register/activate my account with HeavenAddress?

To register on HeavenAddress, please visit our website and select Join Us. Please enter your name, email address and a password of your choice to enter our site. A four digit activation code will be sent to your email and you will be required to enter this code to complete the registration. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at

How can I become an administrator to take over the memorial to add content?

To become an administrator of a memorial page, you will need to be a family member or friend with permission to maintain the memorial page. Please ensure that you are a registered user of HeavenAddress and contact the Support Team at with your name, email address and the memorial you would like the be the primary administrator.

Is there a cost to keep the memorial page running?

No there is no cost involved if the arrangement was organised by one of our partnering funeral directors. If the arrangement was not organised by one of our partners, the memorial page costs AU$180.00 to set up and it is a one off payment with no further charges. Contact our Support Team for more information on this.

How do we invite family and friends to view the memorial page?

To invite family and friends to view the memorial page on HeavenAddress, simply visit the memorial page and click on the Share menu at the bottom of the page. You will be able to share the page via email or on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How do I remove my account from HeavenAddress?

If you would like to close your account with HeavenAddress, please contact our Support Team with your email address and we will let you know once it has been removed.

How can I stop the memorial notifications from coming in?

If you would like to stop receiving memorial notifications each time there is a post, please visit the Settings menu on the memorial page and untick the options you would like to stop receiving emails for.

I forgot my password, how can I get a new one?

No need to worry! Simply click on Login on our main homepage and select "I forgot my password", an email will be sent to your email inbox instructing you to enter a new password of your choice.

Memorial Page Features

What are the Key Dates?

The Key Dates feature allows the all family/friends linked to the memorial to create personal reminders and group events based on important dates associated with their loved ones. This includes anniversaries, birthdays, cultural celebrations and much more.

What is a Memory Cloud?

The Memory Cloud is a feature which enables you to build a cloud of descriptive words that reflect the memory of your loved one. This can be as simple or detailed as you like and with the help of family and friends, you can share their memory, together.

How do I add a photo?

To add photos to the memorial page on HeavenAddress, simply click on Photos – Add Photos. A popup box for you to upload to the memorial page will appear, this is so that you can add the photos from your computer. Select the photos and click Upload.

We added photos but we are told they are pending, Why?

If you have added photos to a memorial page but are informed that they are pending, this means that they are awaiting approval from the primary administrator. Once approval has been granted, your photos will be online.

What is the file size for videos?

Videos can be uploaded via the main menu by clicking on Videos, you can upload directly from your computer/device or from YouTube. The maximum file size is 300mb and file format is mp4 or avi.

Why is there a 404 error when I access the memorial page?

The 404 error is displayed when the memorial page has either been removed or made private. If you are the primary administrator and are seeing this error message please contact the Support Team at

Are we able to create a photo album for the pictures we have added to the memorial?

Currently we do not have a photo album option for the photos added to the memorial, but we can look into adding this to our website for future updates.

We have a family member who we want to create a memorial for and link them to their partner's memorial. Can we do this?

Yes, this can be done. We can help you to create the memorial page using our step by step guide when you click on Create a Memorial on our main homepage. Please ensure the funeral director is one of our partners so that you can create the memorial page without paying AU$180.00. For more information or assistance, please contact our team at

Why do I need to add my personal relationship to the memorial?

You need to add your personal relationship to the memorial so that we are able to make decisions based on whether to enable certain access to family members or friends. This is referenced in our Terms of Use, if you have any further questions please contact our team for more clarification.

Why is there an Obits and Memorial page for the same person?

The reason for this is because they are coming from two different pages. The Obits page is a simple listing of the funeral notice, the one that has been put in the newspaper/online news. The memorial page is the profile page with the service details and online condolence book for family and friends to contribute to.

How can I track how many people have shared the memorial page?

We can only track the social network sharing options; Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How do I know how many donations have been made to the memorial?

If you are the primary administrator and have selected a charity from our list, you should be receiving email notifications that donations have been made to the memorial page. If you would like to enquire about mycause, our online causefunding organiser, please visit their website -

How can I find the Guestbook entries?

The Guestbook entries that have been posted as part of a “virtual condolence book” have been added to the main menu under Guestbook.

How can I edit or delete a message I posted?

To edit or delete a message that you have posted on the memorial page, please click on the option below the post. You can delete it directly from there.

Can you please add this charity to the list?

Yes, we can add new charities to our growing list we support. Please email our Support Team with the name of the charity you would like and the memorial page that you would like this added to.

Can a visitor edit memorial details?

No. Visitors cannot edit memorial details. The details can only be edited by the primary administrator - to become a secondary administrator, please contact the Support Team with your enquiry.

How can I add a charity for in memory donations to the memorial page?

To add a charity to the memorial page for In Memory Donations, please click on Choose A Charity in the main menu and select one from the list, please ensure your name and email address are also added to receive notifications for donations from others.

Can you please confirm the details of the service?

Yes we can confirm the details. Please email the Support Team with the memorial you are searching for and any information you may have. We can check our database for more information and confirm this with you.


How do I make the memorial page private?

Only the primary administrator and the Support Team can make the memorial private. If you are the primary administrator, please visit the Settings option on the memorial page – Privacy: untick both Public and Not in Contact List. This will ensure the memorial can only be viewed by the primary administrator and anyone they invite to the memorial page.

I want to block/remove this person from posting on the memorial page. How do I do this?

We can help you to remove the offensive message posted and block the user who has posted on the memorial page to prevent any future postings. Please email our Support Team with the memorial page name, the user to be blocked and the team will attend to this with the highest priority.

How can we make the service details private?

If you would like to make sure the service details are private, please contact our Support Team and advise them; the name of the arrangement and the service details you would like to make private, they can do this right away for you.


Can you please remove this entry from Google search?

Yes we can remove the memorial page entries from Google, we submit a request to them and within 48-72hours the page is removed from their search results. Please note, that once we have submitted the request, it is up to Google servers to remove the page. We do not have any control over this process.

Why was a duplicate page created?

The duplicate page was created because the Submit button was pressed twice and thus created more than one memorial page. Contact our Support Team to remove this page for you.