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Did you know this about funeral directors?

After working in the funeral industry now for six years, having had no experience working with funeral directors, cemetery staff or anything to do with end of life planning, the one thing that continues to amaze me is the work that the funeral directors undertake. There is no other job in the world that I can think of where the business owners themselves and their staff are on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. All of this, to serve families in their most difficult time and to bring some comfort to those in need.

Many funeral directors do not have holidays, particularly the smaller family run businesses as they simply don’t have the resources to take time off. They are on call every minute of every day and the only time they may take time off is to attend an industry conference or to further educate themselves around how they can become better funeral directors.

These funeral directors truly are salt of the earth people, very caring, empathetic and loving. They deal with bereavement nearly every day of their working life, they deal with families in dispute, they deal with families enduring financial hardship and they always do this in a professional and caring manner.

Are there funeral directors out there that I wouldn’t use? Of course there are, like any industry there is always a very small minority that don’t tow the industry line. This is why the various funeral associations exist to ensure that their members work to a high standard and the public can be assured that these members are honest and ethical. If you do require the services of a funeral director, I would recommend checking that they belong to an association in your state, county, province or country. HeavenAddress also ensures our funeral director partners are reputable so going to the heavenaddress directory and choosing a funeral director by region/country will also assist you.

I know before entering the funeral industry that funeral directors were in an industry that made me a little nervous or uncomfortable and were certainly people that I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to. Even if I did come across the odd funeral director at a chamber of commerce or corporate event, I would always head to the opposite corner as I had no interest in finding out more about what they do. Now that I know how important these people are in our community, I have a new found respect for the commitment that they have to families. They are unsung heroes. They get no publicity for the work they do in the community, they don’t seek public praise or profile, yet they are one of the most important and needed individuals that we lean on in the most difficult times of our lives. To all funeral directors out there, here’s to you and the wonderful community work you do. You are not taken for granted.

Tell us who your funeral director was and how they assisted you. You can add your comments below.

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  • Hi my name is Joanne. My Daughter Natalee passed very suddenly as a passenger in her own vehicle she was only 21 years old. Our Funeral Director Leanne, from Simplicity Funerals was amazing. She was so caring and understanding during this terrible time. Always there if we needed her and extremely compassionate. When I first met her all I felt was love, it was very overwhelming and we were extremely grateful for her support. Leanne also went out of her way to check up on us at our residence. She definatley was a very special person and I am sure we are not the only family who has experienced her amazing spirit and kindness.


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