How can you reach the extended family and friends of your loved one?


We recently had our grandma’s funeral. Nan was 92 and had a lot of friends and dozens of grand-kids and great-grand-kids.  She also played bingo at the local church and had many friends in the neighbourhood.

The immediate family naturally were informed of our Nan’s passing quite quickly, however, there were many more people that we were not aware of who loved our Nan. It was amazing that at the funeral service there were so many people who we had never met that attended to pay their respects.

How did they find out about the details of the service? Time, place and other details…

HeavenAddress is an effective means of sharing this information with the community. With powerful links to social media and high visibility on search engines like Google, over 80% of people looking at a funeral notice are not informed by the immediate family. However, they are attracted to the online memorial by the way the website interacts online with other media.

This linking with the community ensured that acquaintances, occasional friends and distant family can also pay their respects either in person, or on the online memorial. This sharing of information is very effective at a time when emotions are running high and there are many other decisions that need to be made.

Please let us know about your experiences and how HeavenAddress helped you to connect with the greater circle for friends and family. You can share your comments below.

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