Spring has arrived so let’s talk flowers!


Spring has arrived so let’s talk flowers!

Flowers speak what the heart is feeling when words seem inadequate.

Giving and receiving flowers is a universal expression of sympathy.

The gesture says so much – it conveys love, sorrow for your loss, care, thinking of you and much more. Add a personalised message and it becomes even more meaningful.

Some flowers have religious or cultural significance, some are chosen for their colour, their flower meaning, by what is in season, for what they meant to the deceased and/or the next of kin; others are chosen for their origin, such as Australian natives. Examples of meaning include white roses for sympathy, humility and spirituality while irises symbolise hope.

Then there is the type of display – a posy of fresh cut flowers and wreaths, for example.

A floral wreath, traditionally in a ring shape, makes a beautiful door, wall or easel display. They can incorporate favourite flower types and colours such as football team colours. For some, the wreath shape symbolises eternal life (a ring has no beginning or end).

Live plants like orchids are an alternative, especially for those sensitive to pollens and strongly scented flowers.

Flowers and plants are ideal to send on anniversaries, special days such as birthdays – or any day! The gesture says so much to those grieving; most importantly it says you care – like the adage, a picture says a thousand words, flowers and plants do too!

For me, there are no rules on choosing flower types. Some believe you shouldn’t send yellow roses to anyone in mourning – but if yellow is their favourite rose or colour, why not – it shows how well you know your friend and, that you are thinking of them – it will brighten their day.

Giving flowers comes from the heart. Show how you care by sending flowers.

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