20 Best funeral invitation templates in 2021

To provide you with some help at what can be a very difficult time, here’s a guide to creating funeral invitations online, along with 20 recommended funeral invitation templates. 

The passing of a loved one is a  difficult time for the family. There’s the emotional burden that has to run its course, and then there are the multiple responsibilities, schedules and deadlines to worry about — particularly when it comes to that person’s funeral. So yes, seek out guidance and help from professionals in the industry, as they’ll be able to handle the logistics while you attend to your family as you all take time to mourn.

But there’s one task which you may still want some control over: sending a funeral invitation to every friend, relative, workmate or other personal contacts of the person you’ve lost. Before the golden age of the Internet, the traditional way to invite people to funerals was via telephone calls. But while it’s indeed the more personal method, the downside is that it consumes a great deal of time and emotional energy to reach out to each person who would want to attend. 

Instead of calling everybody, you might prefer to call immediate family members and close friends only. And for everyone else, you can save time, energy, and a little money as well by designing a digital invitation to send to their email addresses or share over social media channels. 

How to create a digital funeral invitation

Bear in mind that when it comes to this invitation, there’s no need to make use of overly striking visuals or attention-grabbing words. The message you put on this invitation should be simple, thoughtful and concise. Moreover, you want to include the following details:

• Full name of the celebrant

• Funeral date and time

• Contact information of you or a family member who’s handling RSVPs

• Picture of the deceased (this depends on the invitation template used)

• Details on the order of service (if applicable; or, you can indicate that these will arrive separately later on if that’s the plan).

As for the headline of your invitation, it’s best to go with one of the typical, respectful phrases that express your admiration for your loved one, and respect for the guests. Phrases such as “You are respectfully invited…” and “In loving memory of…” are certainly appropriate, and of course, you can modify them slightly to suit the context of your funeral arrangements. 

Now, here are some well-designed funeral invitation templates, all of which are available for download online. By relying on a template, you’re allowing yourself more time to grieve, to celebrate your beloved’s life with the rest of the family, and you’re also taking an extra step in making the funeral a truly special occasion.

Funeral invitation template #1


The colour scheme of this one is a mixture of plum and maroon, which gives your invitation a hint of royalty while maintaining a sombre tone, as there is no presence of brightly coloured details or highlights.

Funeral invitation template #2


Given the way invitations used to be sent in the form of wooden slabs (with the details carved out) some time ago, this design somewhat serves as a throwback to those. 

Funeral invitation template #3


If intricately drawn leaves and stems are the sorts of elements that appeal to you, then this template might be a very suitable choice. The pink colour also evokes a lot of warmth, so it might help to include a message about joining you in “celebrating the life of” your dearly departed. 

Funeral invitation template #4


Notice the fancy border style and the striking, gilt aspect overall of this template? Use this one if you want to make the funeral a little more special, and to treat your beloved like a king or queen.

Funeral invitation template #5


The combination of a golden border, white text and black background does make this template quite sleek. It’s perhaps among the fanciest of templates on this list.

Funeral invitation template #6


How’s this one for a fresher take on a funeral invitation? We usually associate green with life as opposed to death, which makes this a great choice if you want to use the funeral to celebrate and express joy for the life your loved one lived.

Funeral invitation template #7


Not only are the delicate images of flowers quite striking here, but details of the funeral are enclosed in an oval shape on a white background, which gives them extra prominence.  

Funeral invitation template #8


With its dark shade of turquoise, this template evokes a distinct hint of sadness (which of course, should be the predominant feeling on these occasions).  The well-organised layout adds a sense of formality that’s softened slightly by the leaf motif. 

Funeral invitation template #9


With bright red flowers blooming at the top and bottom of this template, it’s ideal for a  “celebration of life” event — especially if your loved one had a passion for gardening, flowers, or nature.

Funeral invitation template #10


Intricate roses help create a nice contrast against the white foreground and simple black frame on this stylish invitation.

Template #11


This is one template that uses a clear photo of a bouquet of roses for the background. And while this can be edited online and sent out via email, you might actually find that it also works nicely for printed invitations, too.

Template #12


What’s unique about this template is the background texture, which makes it seem like this invitation was designed over a watercolour painting. And given the black text displayed over a predominantly white background, you’ll have no problem making all the details readable.

Template #13


When it comes to “celebration of life” events, it’s probably worth using a happy photo of your loved one. This helps to confirm to everyone who is invited that indeed, this event is about being thankful for the life that person lived, and the contributions they made. 

Template #14


Is orange perhaps a more attractive colour to you than red or pink? Perhaps your beloved chose orange as their favourite colour. In either case, this eye-catching option might be the perfect template for your invitation. 

Template #15


This classy invitation uses classic yet modern fonts and a timeless gold-and-navy color scheme to show deep respect for your loved one.

Template #16


This template has a distinctly simple design with simple graphic elements that bring attention to the person you’ve lost, rather than the invitation itself.

Template #17


Did your beloved enjoy having a good time at parties? Well, then this template might just serve as the perfect way of paying tribute to their life – with everyone invited to a “memorial party”, rather than a funeral.

Template #18


The purple in this design is particularly strong, and the mountain image in the background reminds us that the universe in which we live is bigger than any of us understand. This reflective design is a very respectful choice. 

Template #19


If you’d like to include the order of service in your invitation, this template is an excellent choice. The pink background and hints of nature help add a touch of sweet sorrow to the occasion.

Template #20


Apart from flowers, there’s probably nothing more appropriate for funeral invitations than a depiction of the sky above us. Whether your loved one was religious or not, the sky invokes a sense of awe and reminds us that our lives are part of something much, much bigger.

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