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Do your children, grandchildren and friends know the defining moments of your life? Do they know the day you laughed so hard you cried? Do they know your proudest achievement or your favourite teacher? Do they know who taught you to ride a bike, swim or drive a car?

The sharing of your life story isn’t something that has be done in your absence, don’t leave it up to someone else to tell your story – do it now, when you can enjoy being a part of the conversation.


Take the Time to Talk is a campaign by the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) to encourage people to spend time sharing their life stories and talking about final farewells.

We plan for so many events in our life, but sadly New Zealanders don’t appear so keen to plan for their funeral. As Funeral Directors, every day we see the struggle families have when trying to make the decisions which will best honour their loved one’s life.

Why not take one piece of stress away from your family by letting them know your wishes ahead of time

Do you have a favourite place you’d like friends and family to gather? Who would you like there and who do you think would best speak to your life story? Have you thought where you want to be buried, or have your ashes placed? What music or reading do you love and what flower or other symbol best represents your passion?

When the time comes, these conversations can be transformed into a meaningful gathering to remember and celebrate your life.

Sharing your opinions on your final farewell and the sharing of life stories combine to give your family the background and support to know the important information has been discussed in advance, so at the appropriate time they can focus on supporting each other and saying goodbye.

We encourage you to Take the Time to Talk about your life and your final wishes.

For more information about how to Take the Time to Talk, on why funerals are important, the different aspects of a funeral or even to request a funeral cost estimate, please visit the FDANZ website at www.fdanz.org.nz

2 comments on “Take the Time to Talk

  • judith Hodgekiss says:

    I read this site for the very first time today and it made me think of my own Funeral. I have talked with family & friends about similar topics you have brought up. Love the way you have put it & hope that my plans as discussed will be held up to. Like my special Flowers, My favourite songs to be played ( I have already picked them out & noted) the beautiful white Doves to be released, Where I want my Ashes etc. Special request for my Dad’s & my Ashes to be put together in our special place where we loved to go. A pleasure to read your Articles .


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