The Need for Nostalgia


In search of the familiar

There’s a certain magic to nostalgia. That old song that was played 10 years ago, the feel of your feet as they tread an old familiar path. It’s the wistfulness of times gone by and echoes of lives lived.

It combines an effortless lack of clarity with the overwhelming sense of the familiar. Of simpler times gone by that are only a thought away. The act of reminiscing about the past is a natural human emotion. To quote Marcus Aurelius ‘What we do now echoes into eternity’.

The need for nostalgia arises as our circumstances change. As the world shifts with change, our past serves as the anchor to our identity.

Nostalgia in the digital age

Our need for nostalgia hasn’t changed. What has changed is the manner in which we access our memories. Our photo albums are on Facebook, our contact lists are on our phones and the records of our favourite artists are immortalised in .mp3 format.

With everything accessible with a push of a button, convenience becomes the determining factor for any company wishing to gain the attention of their audience. With the overwhelming deluge of services, apps and customer acquisition models that abound, what matters more than anything is whether you are present when they want you. With attention as the currency of choice, can you afford to not be there when they come looking?

The manner in which we store and search our memories has changed. The testament of our lives is now captured in 1’s and 0’s, stored in virtual clouds and viewed anywhere at any time. Our search for the familiar has changed. Our need for nostalgia has not.

HeavenAddress is a service that allows us to cherish the memories of our loved ones forever, satisfying our need for nostalgia, all from the convenience at our fingertips.

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3 comments on “The Need for Nostalgia

    • judith Hodgekiss says:

      I agree. On the 16th April 2015 & a week after my Birthday I lost my beautiful Dad. I have just returned from a beautiful Cruise around Australia visiting the Beautiful Kimberley Region in W.A. one of my Dads favourite places. I had my Birthday there with beautiful feelings of my Dad hugging me. that night at the theatre on board we had a Singer , singing one of Dad’s favourite songs ” You Raised me up ” Tears fell in abundance not only from myself but others it was beautiful.


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