Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠

Born on 5 February 1938
Passed away on 25 October 2016
Happy mother's day.Miss and love you so much
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Mum, just now dinner Pei, Andrew, Thoe and I talked a topic that if father going to pass away sure he will waiting for Andrew and Pei. Than Pei asked me you awaiting to see who before leave. I remember clearly that you no waiting anyone of us. Than Andrew and Pei said you put down everything cause you already given advice and talked to all of us before leave. I told them I don't received any advice and talked from you. Andrew said in your heart I'm your perfect daughter and you know my hubby will take care me well, as such you didn't give me your last word. Mum, yes my hubby really care of me, last Saturday piping contractor came to my house for reinstall the piping. I chatting with one of the workers when Pow out to purchased some nail and ceiling board, he told me that can see clearly that Pow is very care of me. He just at my house for 4 hours and chatting with Pow a whole can commentted this word. In my life I really very lucky to have you as my mum and given me all siblings who loved me so much and thanks to have a hubby who care me so much. I really appreciated you and God always bless and given me the best.
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Mum, today is kit's betrothal day, guo dai lay. Bro''s family presented some betrothal gifts to the bride's family e.g. cakes.
I m sure u r very happy to hear this news.
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  • Yvonne Tan: We have family dinner, but erjae and 3rd sister did not join.
    • 1 month ago via mobile
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